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Grace is a mother of 4 beautiful children, was born in Poland, and raised in Chicago, Illinois. She obtained her MS Degree in Psychology from Palm Beach Atlantic University, BS Degree from University of Illinois and pursuing Ph.D Education. Grace currently works in the real estate and finance/ lending industry. Grace currently is a licensed real estate agent specializing in commercial leases, business brokerage, new construction, luxury and worldwide residential and commercial properties in USA, Canada, Costa Rica, Greece, Mexico and Spain.

For her triumphs, Grace is a loving mother, who overcame many challenges in her life was put on the path of helping other singlemothers. Beyond her being a full-time, hands-on working mother, she is actively involved in various non-profits. She is an active Board Member for and active member of the Woman’s Advisory Board for First-Care.Org, two organizations that are close to her heart. As a single mother of 4 children, she is extremely passionate about her position of defending the unborn, and strongly believes abortion laws need to be amended in our country. Grace is also a long time supporter of World Vision sponsoring a child in Ethiopia. Her future pursuits are becoming a foster parent, pursuing her Ph.D Degree, writing a book and producing a TV Show. Grace started to compete in Beauty Pageants since she entered the scene in 2014. She won her title as Ms. Palm Beach County Woman, after battling weight loss and being a survivor of domestic abuse. Grace held title as Ms. Florida Elite and was a Delegate to run for Ms. United States Woman of Achievement Pageant.

Grace is a true survivor and leader and is definitely a woman of interest that should be admired for her strength and perseverance in all she does. She gives credit to her strong faith in God. Grace lives by living life with a purpose and passion and making a difference in our world.

Her vast experience as a business development manager, private mortgage banker and VP of sales make her a strong addition to our South Florida team!

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