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Click the above link for the 9 phases of our mortgage process. Throughout each step, you are kept well informed of the "who, what , where , when and how" philosophy. Where many companies traditionally keep clients in the dark, we strive on making sure the light very bright throughout your entire process.  

The mortgage process at times, can be a bumpy ride. However, with our trusted mortgage consulting philosophy, rest assured in the event of any unexpected turbulence that your "pilot" will make sure you have a smooth landing! Be prepared for any obstacles that can arise with our consultants guiding you step by step.

To see the different types of turbulence that can come up throughout the loan process, click the header "88 Types" for a detailed list.

Whats My Interest Rate

  1. The best rates are given when you have all pieces of the puzzle i.e: primary home, strong credit, strong income, etc.
  2. As we remove pieces of the puzzle (income, assets, credit score) rates and programs may vary.
  3. Compensating factors offer better rates, i.e: strong credit and primary home, in lieu of large downpayment
  4. 4. The time frame in which the rate lock is guaranteed can effect rates. Rates locked for longer periods such as 60 or 90 days, usually offer less favorable pricing.

Documents you may need to gather

The days of a "no doc" loan are long behind us. Whether you are purchasing a home, or refinancing a home, expect to gather documents that your loan consultant will need. For a breakdown of normal and customary documents, click here for a detailed list.

Things You Should Expect at Closing

  • Expect to have your official closing disclosure thoroughly explained.
  • Expect to have a cashiers check or wire transfer ready for any funds needed, if applicable, for closing. Most title companies will not accept a personal check.
  • Expect to have your loan estimate compared to the actual closing disclosure for accuracy.
  • Expect to have your loan consultant available in person or by phone for any questions that may arise at closing
  • Expect a job completed 100% to your satisfaction!

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